So twice this week I have done the PCD workout. LOVE IT! It is great cardio! I have also decided that once a week I am going to the pool for walking / water jogging! its great beause I can take the baby with me. I am honestly not looking forward to this weeks weigh in. Only because I know im bloated so i hope that doesnt make me gain! I have been eating well!

My son hasnt been sleeping very well because he is getting another tooth.

In the next few days I hope to try out some new workout videos I found (not on the site)

They are :
Kim Kardashian workout series (3 X 50 min videos)
SHAPE - Ultimate bikini body workout.

I honestly love how working out has made me so motivated to be healthy.

It has also motivated me ro clean. cleaning can be a great cardio!

stay fit!
Laura x

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