So I got the Pussycat Dolls workout DVD. LOVE IT! The great thing is.. I get to do the burlesque dance and it is sooo much fun!

My hunni got me two 1kg weights yesterday! I need them to do the other two discs in the Kim Kardashian series. I only had one 3kg weight that I got myself for my birthday. But it's all good! Only $4.99 per weight for 1kg ones!

I have changed so much since I started working out. The last four weeks have been so amazing. I have been working out 7 days a week. I love the feeling I get.

off to get more happy feelings!

Good workout! after I got it I saw a review that said it was like soft core porn. BULL SHIT! Its great! ^_^
This is the third disc in the 3 part series of 'Fit In Your Jeans By Friday'

Kim is very motivating. The workout (including warm up) lasts 42 mins. YOU NEVER STOP MOVING! I was feeling this workout in my hips when I got up this morning.

I enjoyed it... and it didnt make me feel like an idiot! Things happen VERY fast in this workout and they dont really break things down.. But once you get in to it you get the hang of it!

You need a step! But I used my wii board. That did the trick!

If you dont take notice of the fact that she is a complete fake-plastic bimbo.. It is very good!

but yes.. the only thing I did not like was that they didnt break it down.
This is my most loved of the 'Strip Aerobics' series.

Carmen takes you through a cardio dance with moves often used by strippers. She is very cute and looks like she is enjoying it. If you are like me, It makes YOU enjoy it aswell. The music is probably something you would find in a porn movie but it is still good to dance to. Like the other routines in her series, you can use your own music if you like.
The routine was much expected but MUCH more of a workout compared to the others.

If you hve a bad back.. might want to give it a miss!

But if you are looking for something FUN to workout with or for peronal use in the home (alone or with a partner) This is perfect.

I would NOT use it all the time because I have lots of others but it is good for your hips, bum, thighs and tummy!
I did disc 1 of Carmen Electra Strip aerobics. SO MUCH FUN! Sexy and a GREAT workout! She is in shape.. REALLY in shape. VERY JELLY! but eh. It was great. Not a weight loss thing but a great once a week thing.
So this week I have lost 0.4 kg! VERY GOOD! That brings total weight loss from the 14th of november to 1.7 kg1 thats very good for only three weeks. I give myself a tap on the back.. and for that I am going to treat myself with a mocha. yummy!
No loss on my waist.. but on my hips i am down 0.5 cm. I AM DOING THIS! and im just fucking awesome.

So twice this week I have done the PCD workout. LOVE IT! It is great cardio! I have also decided that once a week I am going to the pool for walking / water jogging! its great beause I can take the baby with me. I am honestly not looking forward to this weeks weigh in. Only because I know im bloated so i hope that doesnt make me gain! I have been eating well!

My son hasnt been sleeping very well because he is getting another tooth.

In the next few days I hope to try out some new workout videos I found (not on the site)

They are :
Kim Kardashian workout series (3 X 50 min videos)
SHAPE - Ultimate bikini body workout.

I honestly love how working out has made me so motivated to be healthy.

It has also motivated me ro clean. cleaning can be a great cardio!

stay fit!
Laura x
so this week Ive lost 0.6 kgs! last week was 0.7. My waist hasnt changed but my hips have gone from 126.8- 125.5 so that is great! that makes novembers weight loss (since the 14th) 1.3 kgs (in the last two weels) NOT BAD! Yesterday I failed on my goal of 1,000 burned. But thats okay. I will today! ^_^

Laura xo

first of all, In my last post I said BED instead of BEEN.

I just updated my goals!

I got an XL top the other day..and its kinda big. A little too baggy! So thats a good thing! Im findng that I dont eat as much as I used to and that Exercise is my best friend!.
mMy meds are working great! its day 5 and Ive been pretty good! I had a little bit of a break down a few days ago but nothing to bad.

oh no.



My son is teething so he has not bed nery happy!

as for my goals.. yes! great! Im burning over 1,000 cals a day or just under (850)