It has been a while. Life has taken a strange turn, in the form of a wonderful guy. I dont get it. I really dont. But its great.

So far this yrs loss is 2.1 kgs. Im happy.

I have been sick for the last week so I have NOT been to the gym. But I have been doing other things and eating pretty well. Vick made me Lunch and dinner yesterday and both tasted so good. It was good to be away. BUT next time im bringing Kal.. I missed him while I was away.

I feel myself slipping in to a bad place again. I felt like food was the enemy a few days ago. It felt so bad. I felt like a failure.. I kept putting food off. All I know now is that I need to keep up all the things that are making me happy and healthy or I am going to fall back in that place.. behind the wall of lies and secrets. I dont want that.
wish me luck.

Lala <3

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