So this stupid fucking bitch is pregnant.. she is going to be such a bad mother.. why does she have to do everything I do? Im getting really sick of her stealing my spotlight. I know it sounds bad.. BUT THIS WAS MY DREAM IN LIFE NOT HERS! I want to fucking stab her.
Just once in life I thought I was getting to do something that she couldnt copy.

Bitch doesnt even have a baby daddy! One night stands and sleeping with married men? fuck off. you are such a whore. No1 has ever believed a single thing that has ever come out of ur mouth. your pregnancy is so new... yet you are still doing all these shitty things to your body. what does that say about how much you care? you dont. you never will. Dumb slut needs a fucking wake up call.

someone please remove her lady bits so she cant spawn more demons. her vagina is Hell. the more she lets out of it.. the more the earth is doomed.

thats my rant. Im done.

also... I want another baby.

the end


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