1.4kg gone this week! 0_0 I didnt think I would drop anything because I went away for the weekend. but I guess thats the beauty of exercise! I have started getting on twitter again! thats always fun and motivating. I have been sick for a few weeks but I will manage!

Kal started crawling on christmas eve so that was very cool! The holiday season is always busy for me and my family (as I am sure it is for you all aswell!)

stay motivated and keep checking back!

xo laura

so this week Ive lost 0.6 kgs! last week was 0.7. My waist hasnt changed but my hips have gone from 126.8- 125.5 so that is great! that makes novembers weight loss (since the 14th) 1.3 kgs (in the last two weels) NOT BAD! Yesterday I failed on my goal of 1,000 burned. But thats okay. I will today! ^_^

Laura xo