so this week Ive lost 0.6 kgs! last week was 0.7. My waist hasnt changed but my hips have gone from 126.8- 125.5 so that is great! that makes novembers weight loss (since the 14th) 1.3 kgs (in the last two weels) NOT BAD! Yesterday I failed on my goal of 1,000 burned. But thats okay. I will today! ^_^

Laura xo

first of all, In my last post I said BED instead of BEEN.

I just updated my goals!

I got an XL top the other day..and its kinda big. A little too baggy! So thats a good thing! Im findng that I dont eat as much as I used to and that Exercise is my best friend!.
mMy meds are working great! its day 5 and Ive been pretty good! I had a little bit of a break down a few days ago but nothing to bad.

oh no.



My son is teething so he has not bed nery happy!

as for my goals.. yes! great! Im burning over 1,000 cals a day or just under (850)

So, now that im getting smaller.. The fat on my legs is going away. That is a good thing! but Now all my old SH scars are showing. great!

But on the plus side! Im on my new meds. First day but i feel great! and thatr all matters!

Im trying all the workouts im soon putting on my exercise page. I am adding a bikini body ready page for next summer! if you start now.. you should be all good! so thats what im doing now.

Cant wait to slide easily in to my bikini and go to the beach. Dont know when. But it is getting to be really hot!  so the pics below i guess are progress? the pink top is 2 months a go and the other one I took the other day,




so, I measured my waist and hips this morning!
ive lost 0.7 kg this week, gone from 109.5 to 108 on my waist and 128.5 to 126.8 on my hips. I feel great!

I had a cry last night to my husdband.. well.. more like I randomly burst in to tears. It has been a year since I changed my lifestyle and decided to beat this illness (I decided to recover as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my son, then decided i wanted to keep healthy when I had him) I never thought I could do it. But I am! I kind of feel like I dont have the right to be proud, but I think it is my old life and disorder trying to hold on.

It honestly feels great to be able to have something to eat and not have it make me gain weight RIGHT away. that was a bitch!

But maybe one day I can help people like me?

I think Im needing to work more on the exercise page! everything else is up to date and thats all that rly matters.

Alex and i have been boxing and that is brilliant! I am really enjoying it and it feels like such a great workout.

Im zumba obsessed! I was ready to go up a lvl in difficulty so I am now on medium, NOT easy! I also started EXPERT classes! so much fun.
not to Shabby! Im off to do some zumba and boxing with Alex AND on the Wii

Laura xo

I threw out all my thinspo. ITS ALL GONE! I had VERy mixed emotions about throwing them away.

My son is learning to sit! He is almost with out any support.

Im starting to think that this whole healthy life thing is going to be really good! I just dont understand why I feel the need to be angry with people who dont understand why I do this or why it is so easy to slip back. It feels so hard. but I can do this!

<3 Lace
So far my recovery is going well! Im spending my days at home with my 6 month old. Its hard at time's but I love him so much.

My husband is 32. We met at school nearly three years ago. He is an amazing man who treats me well.

I have lost a small 1/2 cm on my waist and hips this week. but thats okay. Im cool with that.

Its only the 14th of november.. so Im going to make a goals list.
1- burn 1,000 calories a day.
2-Have veg or fruit with all meals.
3-Find something positive about myself each day.
4-take time out for me.
5-keep up with my daily tasks.

thats all for now!

Lace xo