I joinede the Gym about a week ago. It is soooo much fun! I go for about an hour and a half a night. It makes me feel so good!

I met up with a friend from high school last night at the gym (Helen) she is an amazing person. I have been friends with her since I was 12 turning 13. Now we are both married and out of home. it is so insane the think that once we went to school and had problems that were so big that would now seem so small.

I have been looking in to facts on recovering an eatng disorder and I am planning on making a page dedicated to it.

My husband and my son are doing very well!

xo laura
Im joining a Gym! Jetts 24 hour fitness. I cant wait to use all the cool equipment!

My husband founf my wedding ring that had been missing for the past 6 months! (just in time for our first year in 2 months)

I am very happy at the moment. I kind of feel that things are looking up again for me. Im happy.. Im healthy.. I got this really nice shampoo that makes a difference to the way I feel. lol. weirdo.

I stayed up last night making a gym playlist that has somehow ended up with over 200 songs.. and I havent finished yet haha

stay safe and stay tuned!

1.4kg gone this week! 0_0 I didnt think I would drop anything because I went away for the weekend. but I guess thats the beauty of exercise! I have started getting on twitter again! thats always fun and motivating. I have been sick for a few weeks but I will manage!

Kal started crawling on christmas eve so that was very cool! The holiday season is always busy for me and my family (as I am sure it is for you all aswell!)

stay motivated and keep checking back!

xo laura

happy new year!